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Observe your life as a whole after friend betrayal

I was completely stunned when I discovered this “betrayal”, despite everything I managed to digest it after a few days. If I take my life as a whole, this incident is simply insignificant. There are so many things I have to do, so many goals to reach, I don’t have time to try to do myself justice.

It’s a bit the same principle with television , there is so much negative news: from terrorism to fraud, including murders, international wars and world hunger. Is it sad, depressing, revolting? No doubt, yes.

But is this a reason to stop living, to stop working, to hope for a better future for yourself and those around you or to want to be happy? I do not think so. We only have power over our own lives , not those of the whole world, nor even over our friends / bff covers / colleagues / spouse / children.

bff covers

The final word

We all felt betrayed at one time or another by someone, and it is natural to hold a grudge against that person. However, by applying these 8 small steps, you will feel more relaxed, more comfortable in your daily life.

Don’t let someone’s malicious actions spoil what you are, show that you know how to bounce back and that it helps you to get even better.

Since we are flooding my mailbox with always THE same question, and since the requests of Net Coaching revolve a little often around the same subject recently, I decided today to address a very important to each seducer: The Friend Zone

But this time, we’re going to change tactics slightly, and we’re going to be more interested in how to get out of a girl’s Friend Zone .

Before I start, let me present a classic scenario…

You meet a girl. You succumb to its charm. You become friends. You start going out, making plans , more often. You start to feel a soft spot for her. You want to go to the next level of the relationship. But you are AFRAID of spoiling everything. Time passes. You are still FRIENDS.

You have a VERY good time every time you are together. You get closer and closer. FINALLY, you decide to take your courage in both hands and tell him about your feelings.

She brings you the very famous:

Accept the reality of things. Yes. As I said.

You are NOT allowed to beg or beg her to give you a second chance. Don’t be pathetic . Leave those kinds of procedures to losers and dudes who failed. You are a respectful and classy guy, and it is out of the question to do so. I FORBIDDEN YOU. She made up her mind to keep you friends, and it’s not “dog” behavior that will change her mind.

In fact, we are going to work on its illogical and irrational side. So there is no point in humiliating yourself for free. At this point in the situation, you had better focus on yourself than on her.