bff cover

My little kitten is my best friend

My little kittens,The female cat made three little kittens

  • They are all cute
  • The first one is called Lisa,
  • The second Leah
  • And the last Leila.
  • Lisa likes to scratch males
  • Léa likes to play ball
  • With Leila who got hurt
  • The three sisters went for a walk with their mom
  • They bought mints
  • What are they greedy!
  • My happy pony,
  • He sinks in the sky
  • His dress is the color of honey
  • His house is in the clouds
  • And it is in the shape of caramel
  • Her best friend is a bee
  • Her boyfriend is called Ladybug
  • The pony is really very beautiful.
  • He had a big sleep.

bff covers

why animals over humans?

Because Human betrays and animal don’t.

How to deal with betrayal?

Recently a good “friend” has broken my bff covers on the back by spreading malicious rumors about me. They were not simple gossip as we can often hear, but very violent and serious statements, calling into question my character as well as my integrity.

Of course when I heard about it I was furious . What kind of “friend” can he talk about behind his friends? Where have the values of loyalty, trust and respect for others gone ?

Did they go out the window in 2020?

That said, after I felt this anger in me, I suddenly realized it was ridiculous. I wasted my time giving so much importance to it. I then simply ignored this person and continued on my way.

If you too are in conflict with a friend / colleague / spouse who betrayed you, I sympathize and understand your pain. This is why I offer 8 tips to manage these situations.

1. Stay calm

Stay calm. No matter how out of touch you are, it’s time to take the pressure off. If you are upset, this will affect your actions and you could say things that you will regret later.

First take a few minutes or even a few hours to start digesting the information . Exhale deeply. Once you feel calm enough, take the next step.

2. Check the facts

Sometimes rumors can swell and get out of hand as people add their own grain of salt and their interpretation of events. Worse, some people can make up stories to sow discord between you and your friend / colleague / spouse… Hello afterwards to repair the mess!

Therefore, you would already want to check if the story is completely true and correct , before jumping to conclusions!

3. Limit the damage

Then I limited the damage by correcting the accusations that were made. I shared my version of the story with those who heard about these false claims. Of course, it is everyone’s responsibility to draw their own conclusions, but at least I have given my version of the facts rather than letting things happen. Who doesn’t say a word consent , right?

If you have had sugar on your back, take a step back to assess the situation. Is there any damage caused? If yes, which ones ? Is it damaging to your reputation, your business or your relationship? And for the damage caused, what can you do to repair it? Do the best you can to correct what is correctable, according to your abilities, and then …