Everything You Need To Know About Tow Truck

A tow truck is an automobile that is used to drag other damaged vehicles and other motorized from one place to another. It is also used to wrench incorrectly parked vehicles or vehicles that got crashed during accidents. Sometimes you need to move your vehicle then also you can ask for help from towing service providers. They are normally operated by private businesses or emergency services, depending on their intended use. If you want tow truck service, you can hire Tow Truck West Orange. They provide affordable tow services for your needs.

Different Types Of Tow Truck

There are many sorts of vehicles aimed for dragging. Each of those vehicles is used for various towing purposes and provides a particular set of benefits. Here are different types of tow trucks.

  • Flatbed tow truck

It is one of the popular and broadly used towing vehicles around the globe. A flatbed truck has a long blank bed with a horizontal top. Hydraulics are used to move the flatbed upwards and downwards. They are also useful in transporting vehicles that have had roadside issues or have been involved in an accident. A huge range of vehicles and boats can be transported on flatbed tow trucks. They are also one of the harmless ways to tow vehicles.

  • Integrated tow truck

It is used in heavy-duty purposes as they are much more specialized. They are also used to transport other rigs or buses. An integrated tow truck has additional axles for added stability, strength and its arm is much more entrenched in the core of the truck.

  • Hook and chain tow trucks

Hook and chain tow trucks are utilized to tow all types of cargo. For hook and chain tow truck, a boom is fixed to the back of the tower’s vehicle. A chain with a hanger at the end hangs from the boom. The tower can adjust the boom and the chain as required. The chain and hook will be attached to the vehicles axis. The boom will lift the vehicle up and place the front wheels onto a rubberized region on the back of the truck, whereas the back wheels are free on the road.

  • Wheel lift tow truck

Wheel lift trucks are frequently used in repossessions since of their compactness and have less ability to damage a car. Wheel lift tow truck has a deployable attachment called a yoke on the back, which touches only the wheels of the towed car. When activated, the load can be placed under the front or rear wheels. The truck kicks the front or back of the vehicle off the ground.

Benefits Of Choosing Tow Truck Company

Typically, towing companies assist when someone gets into a vehicle break down and stuck in the middle of the road. They play a vital role in getting people back to their homes when they are into vehicle breakdown. They not only help you in towing vehicles from one place to another place but also aid you with immediate support and help that provides peace of mind. Here are some benefits of hiring Tow Company West Orange.

  • Tow large and strong material
  • Relocation
  • Tow cars from and to the store more
  • Recover four wheelers