Requirements to open a real estate in Islamabad: What is needed?-

The real estate crisis served as a natural selection process for all those who took advantage of the brick boom. Thanks to this process, many false real estate agents or real estate agencies that were only going to do business, were discarded at a stroke. Today, those who are thinking of obtaining a license to open a real estate must have things very clear before launching. In today’s article we will tell you the requirements to open a real estate in Spain and what is needed to set up a real estate?

Who survived the real estate crisis?

Almost 10 years have passed from those months in which thousands of people lost their jobs every day and one real estate business was closed behind another.

Of those times only the strongest survived, those who had the capacity to adjust and reduce their volume to a minimum while waiting for the shower to pass.

Today, when you go out, you still see some of the  best real estate franchises , such as Alfa real estate or the Remax Franchise. Of course, little by little new actors begin to appear who dream of a license to open a real estate.

What should they do to get it with guarantees and in the shortest possible time?

What do I need to set up a real estate?

If you are thinking about it, you should be clear that the first thing you need is a deep knowledge of the market.

Research what properties are available currently Blue World City is offering commercial and residential properties, how is the profile of a buyer or seller, where the market is going, what real possibilities you have to get properties and what they are worth, are some of the premises that you should be clear about.

Many real estate businesses (the vast majority in fact) fail for two things:

  • There is no market for your product
  • They have not properly weighed the characteristics of the market.

To keep your project afloat you need a real estate business plan. It details the expenses and planning of your entire project for the first five years of the company’s life. As for example, the costs of marketing, advertising, rental of the premises, telephone, electricity, the cost of creating and maintaining a good website for real estate.

Requirements to deal with Islamabad property

It will depend on the location of the business, since each municipal ordinance requires different things.

In addition, it will depend on the legal figure of the company. It is not the same to work as an autonomous real estate agent   and have a sole proprietorship to hire several agents and become a full-fledged real estate entrepreneur.

The real estate business as such does not require any specific license, such as bars or supermarkets, which in addition to normal procedures, require sanitary inspections.

The first thing you need to do is the procedures to start working legally, that is, to register as a professional in the census at the state level , as well as go to Social Security to start contributing, whether you are an autonomous professional or if you are going to hire others to work for you.

In addition, you must take other steps to set up a real estate, those that affect the business itself and not you as the owner or your employees.

Permits, legal requirements and licenses to open a real estate

The real estate business is subject to a series of authorizations and procedures that are regulated by each City Council. That is why it is important that you know the particularity of the locality where you are going to practice your profession.

Activities and facilities license

You will have heard it named as an opening license. It is a license to open a real estate that validates the facilities in which you are going to develop your professional activity as appropriate to the current urban planning regulations.

You must request it before opening the premises. Once you have obtained it, you have 6 months to start working or you will have lost the process.

Go to your City Council (or district board in case the real estate is going to open in a large city like Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Bilbao or Valencia) and fill in the form that they indicate, in addition to attaching a series of documents that prove that You are responsible for the project.

Operating license

When you are going to open a real estate in a newly completed property, you must also have this operating license, which ensures that the premises and facilities are suitable according to the urban conditions set by the local City Council.

Change of ownership

Imagine that the place where you plan to start your activity as a real estate business has been such a company until a few weeks ago. You can have all the licenses in order, but you must communicate a change in the ownership of the business to the City Council.

Meeting these requirements to set up a real estate is not complicated. You must go to the City Council that corresponds to you and fill in the necessary forms, as well as present the documentation that accredits you as a new business owner.

Work license

Of course, the normal thing will not be to open a real estate just when another closes its doors. Normally, when you find the perfect place, you must adapt it to your needs.

For this you will need a building permit that allows you to make any modification to a place, ship or establishment.

The requirements vary from one City Council to another, but as a general rule you must have the plans, the descriptive report of the project as well as a budget that details all the works you are going to do.

Garbage Rate

There is a lot of controversy with this rate, because not all municipalities must be paid, and the amount varies from one municipality to another.

It is annual and in many municipalities it can be paid electronically.

In addition to these procedures with the City Council, there are other types of records.

Real Estate Property Registry

Although it is not the most normal, sometimes the place where the real estate activity will be developed is bought, instead of renting it.

If this is the case, you must register it in the real estate property registry. To do this, you must provide a copy of the deed provided by the notary when the purchase of the premises or ship is signed.

Industrial Property Registry

Have you created a new trademark and want to protect it? You will also need to register it properly, as well as the property in which you will carry out the activity.

You should go to the registration of intellectual property and bring what you want to record, such as logos of real estate, names estate. This will prevent anyone from taking advantage of your creations.